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River Calder

River Calder.

The Club hold the fishing rights on several lengths of the River Calder in the Wakefield area. The longest length is on the right bank looking upstream and runs from the Denby Dale Road Bridge (A636) as far as the weir at Calder Grove. This section is about a mile long and can be accessed at three main points. The first part is slow running, wide and deep (about 4 metres) with the entry from the Monckton Industrial Estate. The entry has a barrier and a club key is needed for entry (beware of the entry ramp, some vehicles get grounded, best approach at an angle through the barrier). This section holds good stocks of Roach and several good Bream, Chub, Carp and Ide have been taken there. The middle part of this length which averages about 2 metres deep is best approached via the Horbury Lagoons entrance at Horbury Junction either down Green Lane or Engine Lane where cars can park adjacent to the River. The M1 motorway crosses the river at this point and pegs either side of the bridge are exceptionally good for Roach. The top section is approached through the Bombadier car park and through the large wooden gate onto the river bank (a key will be needed for the gate). The river on this section is much shallower and faster (about 1.5 metres deep) but contains a good head of Roach, Chub, Dace, Ide and Barbel. The occasional trout may also give you good sport. Above the weir at Calder Grove, the club control the fishing rights on both banks upstream. On the right hand bank, the section runs along the entire length of the sewage works boundary. The early pegs are deep (around 5 metres) but as you progress upstream, the river becomes much shallower. There are plenty of Roach, Chub and Dace in this section. On the left bank, the section runs parallel to the canal and ends at the stream by the railway bridge (peg 41 on the canal). The last section of the river is on the right hand bank below the Bingley Arms Road Bridge (A642) at Horbury Bridge and starts at the wooden gate (a club key is required) downstream for approximately 800 metres. The club own this section of river and the adjacent land. Extreme care should be taken whilst fishing this section to ensure that any stock (horses, goats or other animals) belonging to the tenant are not disturbed. Make sure all gates are closed. Roach, Dace, Chub, Barbel and Ide are the main species although several good Trout have also been taken.

River Dearne. 

This is a small, winding river with very changeable swims, and is mainly suited to the angler who likes to be on the move. Chub, Perch, Roach and the occasional good Trout on offer to anyone prepared to seek them out.