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Newmillerdam Lake

This larger venue is popular not only with our club matches but also with the local public population. Hosting a variety of woodland walks, scenic trails and providing homes to a multitude of wildlife it is no wonder that this natural attraction is a favourite among families and not just anglers. Please expect dogs, walkers and cyclists and plan accordingly.

The fishery:

The dam has around 80 pegs with many hosting a range of natural features to fish up to. Certain stretches are suitable for well-balanced matches.

The fishery holds good stocks of quality bream and roach which make up the stunning weights recorded yearly during the club matches. Good catches of 40lbs + are certainly possible. Larger pike and perch are also present in plentiful numbers for anglers seeking a rewarding challenge.

How to find:


This dam is steeped in history, perhaps the most recognisable attraction in the dam and surrounding area is the quaint boathouse built in the 1820s by the Pilkington family who owned the surrounding estate including Kettlethorpe Hall and the enclosed gardens which now host another of our venues which you can find here.