Match Results


Most of the anglers were sat in blazing hot sun all day with just a couple sat in the early numbers in the shade, it was lovely😂 no sun cream required. The fishing was very iffy all day with fish just wizzing around and not really interested in feeding.
Drawn on end peg1 was
Howard Cutts
down in the bottom shallows. He had two big carp down the edge on pole and worm and caught at intervals fishing 14.5 & 16m again with pole and worm adding several bream and a few ide for 38-3.
Second was Liam Newton from the opposite end peg19. He had two carp down the margin on pole and corm, then added ide on his longer line fishing white maggot on pole for 22-3.
Last in the frame was Gary Summerscales from peg24. He caught a big carp upto the island on pole and 8mm pellet and again added a couple of bream and a few ide on maggot and worm for 21-8.