Match Results

Club match at Fleets Dam today.
End areas and dam head have proved good draws today and seem to be the more consistent pegs. Personally I had peg 32, wasn’t laughing but wasn’t disappointed either, the fish can show anywhere. Being set back in a little bay I think just put me out of favour but that’s fishing. Had two decent carp and five stockies for just under 20lb and nowhere, hey ho.
Paul Townsley bossed the day with 57-07 mostly caught on bomb and pellet at 20m from peg 39 on the dam head, well done.
Second was Trevor Bishop who had a steady pleasure fishing day from end peg 45 who weighed 47-04 on bomb and feeder tactics. Third was Pinocchio 😂from peg 26 with 45b-13 from peg 26 who apparently only had 12lb with half an hour to go🤔🤣😂
Next match this Sunday at Walkers Dam.
Need to be booked on by Saturday am or too late