River Dearne

This water is closed durin the CLOSED Season 15 March until 16 June. The river is narrow with rapids and shallows and deep pools which give the angler a challenge.

The Fishery

This is a small, winding river with very changeable swims and is mainly suited to the angler who likes to be on the move. Chub, Perch, Roach and the occasional good Trout are on offer to anyone prepared to seek them out.

How to find us

Situated just below Wooley Edge services on the M1 J38. Come off the south bound slip road and take the first exit left. After 50yds you passover a bridge. Turn right into the openingat side of brodge. Do not obstruct this entry as it is an entry to the field. This river runsfrom the M1 motorway, upstream of the bridge, down to the Darton cricket field, past the old colleiry. This water is easly located using What3Words (W3W) ///grinders.clots.loved